Spade - anchors for yachts

The SPADE anchor is manufactured in three materials (Steel, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel), and in six sizes. Hi-tensile steel versions are hot-dip galvanised. Unlike many other anchor brands the SPADE models never refer to the anchor's weight, but rather to its effective surface area. All SPADE anchors of the same size, regardless of the material they are made of, will work with the same efficiency.

All models meet the seven safety criteria:

1) The anchor must dig in rapidly, regardless of the type of sea bottom.

2) The anchor must bury itself deeply within the bottom.

3) Once set, the anchor must give the maximum holding power without dragging.

4) If the traction force exceeds the bottom holding characteristics, the anchor must offer constant, and maximum, resistance to dragging - even if it moves under extreme load.

5) The anchor must keep on holding, regardless of the shift in direction of either the wind or the current.

6) The anchor design must not allow the anchor rode to become snagged by the anchor.

7) The anchor must be built strongly enough to withstand very high loads.

Bövik Marin AB is the Swedish representative and importer of the SPADE anchor. SPADE anchors are now available in our webshop (Swedish, Finnish, Norweigan and German customers only).

NYHET! SPADE-ankare kan numera köpas i vår webshop. I dagsläget är webshoppen endast öppen för svenska, finska, norska samt tyska invånare.