Freeman Marine flush deck hatches

Freeman hatches are used on a wide variety of fishing boats, tugs, barges, research vessels, offshore tenders, rescue crafts and other workboats. The Freeman hatch is designed for new boats, for replacing other hatches in standard openings, or for improving an existing craft.

There are many benefits with the 2400 series cast hatches:

Developed and manufactured under various patents by Freeman Marine.

Easy Lift
With the locking mechanism disengaged, the hatch is merely resting on the deck ring and can be lifted out with one hand. Closing is just as quick and easy. Optional inside escape handle performs the same easy way with a push and turn from below.

Designed to seal to 30-foot intermittent head, the double-sealing gasket actually seals tighter under pressure.

Installs in steel, aluminum, wood or fiberglass decks. Complete unit includes aluminum or steel mounting ring for bolting or welding installations.

The unique design, fit, finish and adjustability of the dogging mechanism assures smooth, consistent action - no binding or jamming of parts. This hatch, adjusted to proper tensions, can't be over or under tightened by mistake. It operates the same each time.

Low Maintenance
All parts are made of superior materials designed especially for marine and other abusive environments. The hatch and most parts are corrosion resistant aluminum. All other components are stainless steel, acetal or compatible.

Bövik Marin AB keeps a wide range of Freeman flush deck hatches in stock, with steel or aluminium rings, highed or lift out models. We can also supply you with spare parts like dogging arms, seals etc. Please send us your inquiry!