Hatecke lifeboats

Hatecke GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of lifeboats, rescue boats and davit systems.

All boats and davit systems are developed in-house and conform with LSA regulations laid down by the International Maritime Organisation.

The current Hatecke GmbH portfolio of lifeboats covers a whole range of different models:
* Freefall lifeboats including tanker versions
* Conventional lifeboats including tanker versions
* Semi-enclosed lifeboats
* Tender boats

All lifeboats and rescue boats are delivered with their own inbuilt launching system, as a "ready-to-assemble" package. This helps minimise shipyard installation costs.

Survival at sea should not be left to chance. Hatecke GmbH create life-saving solutions you can depend on, tried and tested even in the worst possible conditions: on heavy seas, under arctic frost, in burning oil.

The end-product of know-how and innovation is a well-made, durable, individual solution. Simple to use, with low maintenance needs.

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