Becker Mewis Duct® – How does it work?

High blocked ships have low propulsion efficiency. The reasons for this are the bad wake field and high propeller loading. Water inflow has such an unfavourable characteristic that the propeller must operate in bad inflow conditions. The Mewis Duct® harmonizes and stabilizes the flow and generates a pre-swirl to reduce rotational losses in the propeller slipstream.

The integrated fins have a stator effect by generating a pre-swirl counter to the direction of propeller operation. This generates more thrust. The fins are asymmetrically profiled and arranged to generate a perfectly homogenous flow distribution. Consequent propulsion improvement can only be achieved if several aspects of hydrodynamic performance are taken into account. The combination of the Mewis Duct® and a corresponding Becker Rudder dramatically increases the efficiency of the system by means of wake field optimisation and less rudder resistance at improved manoeuvring performance.

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