Printer consumables

Bövik Marin AB has a very large range of consumables for printers and instruments onboard. From our stock we can supply all items below with very short notice.

- Barograph
- Course recorder
- Echosounder
- Main engine telegraph
- Navtex
- Sat-C
- Telex
- Tracing
- Weather fax

Paper types
- Continous / endless / fanfold / Z-type
- Metal paper rolls
- Pads
- Thermo paper rolls
- Translucent
- 1, 2 or 3-ply (telex)

Alden, Anschütz, Atlas, Elac, Epson, Furuno, Fuso, Honeywell, JRC, Kelvin Hughes, Koden, Kongsberg, Leeds & Northrup, OKI, Plath, Raytheon, Semco, Simrad, Sperry, Thrane & Thrane, Tokimec, Tokyo Keiki, VAF, Yokogawa plus many more.

We also have an extensive range of printer ribbons, printer cartridges, printer pens, printer needles, etc. Please send us your inquiry!